About David

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen in the middle of the night and stealing Oreos.” – Diane Arbus


I carry a camera almost everywhere I go. On my website are some of the images that caught my eye or were shot as part of an assignment. In 1971 or 1972, when I was 9 or 10, my brother-in-law Michael, introduced me to the camera on the back stoop of our home in Timonium, Maryland. Its been an extension of my right hand ever since. I am currently based in Louisville, Kentucky and traveling as often as I can.

Work and Publication History

  • The Paducah Sun, 1977-1981
    • Freelance Photojournalist
    • Regional Daily Newspaper
  • The College Heights Herald, 1981-1983
    • Staff Photographer
    • Western Kentucky University Student Publication
  • The Courier Journal, 1984-2009
    • Freelance Photojournalist
    • Regional daily newspaper

Where Did I Go?

Life happened.

And I am ever thankful it did as I ended up with two wonderful kids who joined us in 1993 and 1997. Two kids meant delivering a more steady stream of income. So, in order to provide, I gladly accepted opportunities that did not involve me and my camera. I still shot photos, but not as a full time gig.

Awards and Recognition

This section is currently blank. While I have shot photographs worthy of recognition, I have never entered a competition. Not yet.

Whats Next?

My kids are grown and adults now. While I like to think they still need me, they are soaring on their own. I now find myself with the unique opportunity to return to photojournalism and have elected to do so with gusto.

I am developing several photo projects that will be published or shared in some form or fashion.

Please note: The photos above were shot by my brother Mark, my son Cooper, or myself.